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C2 was included in the Top 50 Best Mortgage Companies to Work For

Sylvia Sanders Mortgage Broker | Advisor

760-429-4470 | 904-792-0085
C2 Corporate Office:
12230 El Camino Real, Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92130
Fax #: 866-719-1278

C2 NMLS #135622 | C2 CA DRE #1821025 | C2 AZ #919209 | C2 FL #MBR3519 | C2 ID #MBL-9475 | C2 TX #135622 | C2 WA #MB-135622 | NMLS #633013 | CA DRE #02094109 | AZ #0948482 | FL #LO53921 | ID #MLO-2080633013 | TX #633013 | WA #MLO-633013

About Me

I've been in lending since 2005 and I was a high school teacher for 10 years before that.  Lending gives me the opportunity to put my teaching skills to use in helping people achieve the dream of homeownership.  My clients are not just transactions - they are people, families that I strive to help in every way and treat as I want my own family to be treated.  With me you don't just get a preapproval letter and mortgage advice - you get a lender that will explain the process in detail, give you options, shop the best loan and rates for you, and be there to help you years after we close on your home.  

I'm your coast to coast lender - licensed in California, Florida, Idaho, Washington, Texas & Arizona! 

Why C2?

C2 Financial provides me the the ability to broker to over 80 lenders.  They are the #1 broker in the US, which means that I have the ability to shop for my clients for the best loan program and best rates out there while providing them with the best service they can imagine. 

My personal philosophy

My personal philosophy is pretty simple - I believe in the golden rule wholeheartely.  My goal is always to do my best to treat others as I would want to be treated and as I would want someone to treat my family.

I aim to be your lender for life - to be your go to person if you have any questions finance or real estate related.  I love providing my clients with value years to come.  

Honesty, integrity, and education are the keystone of how I run my business.  People matter to me and I love helping others.  



What people are saying about me

I was referred to Sylvia by a friend Rudy C when I was considering looking into purchasing a house, ever since we've met...the home-buying stars aligned in my direction and I got THE HOUSE.

Always informative and willing to answer
questions on anything regarding your future/current home! Just yesterday she sat down with me for an hour at Starbucks to explain refinancing and how I can use it to my advantage...we even decided it was not the best option for me at the time, but now I know so much more.

I'm even texting her throughout the week when I get notices from the state, bank, loan companies do I keep I shred that...? Everything gets explained to me in detail so I KNOW I'm making the right choice.

In the Marines for over 10 years now and I will be referring everyone to her, knowledge is power.

Thanks Sylvia.


Zachary from Oceanside, CA


Sylvia was amazing to work with, especially as a first time homebuyer. I went through a few lenders before going with Sylvia. From the best rates to her expertise on VA loans, she was exactly the lender I needed. She was very transparent throughout the whole process and an excellent communicator. Unlike many other lenders, she was able to provide a fully underwritten pre-approval to make my offer stand out. We closed sooner than the planned 21 day escrow and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Sylvia and her team to everyone and will definitely go back to her for my second property!

Kevin L.


If you are working with Sylvia to purchase a home consider Yourself brilliant! She is an expert in her field.  She helped me and my wife obtain home loan within two weeks!She Did, what USAA bank Could-NOT do for me in 2 months of working with them!
She compiled all necessary information, explained to us the process of buying a home from start to finish, verified we actually qualified and closed on our home in two weeks! Thank You Sylvia!!!

Steve M. 


I have been around many mortgage lenders and Sylvia Sanders is one of the most professional top notch lenders I have ever done business with!  She helps to educate as well as find the best loan program for your specific needs.  Her clients are well informed and are prepared by the time they go into escrow.  I enjoy working with Sylvia and her clients and would recommend anyone looking to refinance or purchase to call her first!

Vance B




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